Cosmic Academy of Light

Hello Starseeds and Earthangels! I'm Natascha, Akashic Records Channel and Lightworker. I'm thrilled to see you here! I invite you to join my brand new wisdom portal, the "Cosmic Academy of Light," right here.

You will get 🚀free access 🚀 to selected modules from my courses, hypnosis sessions, and karmic clearing workshops! Become a part of our awesome community of lightworkers, and shine your brilliance, beautiful soul!

MASTERCLASS: Clear your Karma - Money, Lack and Poverty

This is a workshop where you will clear your major karmic blocks that are holding you back from creating abundance in your life.

Hypnosis - Your Temple of Inner Peace

A quick hypnosis session for those times when you are feeling stressed and anxious.

Hypnosis - Stress and Anxiety Release

Go deep with me and release stress & anxiety for good!

Hypnosis - Crystalline DNA Activation

This is a powerful hypnosis transmission to activate your crystalline DNA !

Full Moon Meditation with Lola the Cosmic Whale

Meditation for Global Peace and Healing - Apr 4, 2020

Private Readings

 If you want to find out exactly who you are at the soul level, and what your past life story is, join me for a Past Life Soul Reading.

If you want to meet your personal spirit guide team, and get channeled messages from them, I’ve got you covered.

If you would like insight into a situation, choose the intuitive tarot reading.

For deeper karmic clearing work, check out the Akashic Records clearing programs where you soul blueprint is restored to its pure, original state. 

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About Natascha

I specialize in working in the Akashic Records (the 5th dimension) or the "Book of Life" together with my spirit guides for direct access to your soul record. Having trained as a Hypnotherapist, Past Life regressionist, and Soul Realignment practitioner, I love to work with energy and the soul. My specialty is helping you clear your karmic blocks and to accelerate your spiritual awakening.