Cosmic Academy of Light

Hello Starseeds and Earthangels! I'm Natascha, Akashic Records Channel and Lightworker and I'm thrilled to see you here. I invite you to join my brand new wisdom portal, the "Cosmic Academy of Light" right here.
You will get 🚀free access 🚀to selected modules of all my courses, hypnosis sessions and karmic clearing workshops! Become part of our awesome community of lightworkers, and shine your brilliance, beautiful soul!

MASTERCLASS: Clear your Karma - Money, Lack & Poverty

This is a workshop where you will clear your major karmic blocks that are holding you back from creating abundance in your life.

Your Temple of Inner Peace Hynposis

A quick hypnosis session for those times when you are feeling stressed and anxious.

Stress and Anxiety Release Hypnosis

Go deep with me and release stress & anxiety for good!

Crystalline DNA Activation Hypnosis

This is a powerful hypnosis transmission to activate your crystalline DNA !

About me...

I specialize in working in the Akashic Records (the 5th dimension), or the "Book of Life" together with my spirit guides for direct access to your soul record. Having trained as a Hypnotherapist, Past Life regressionist, and Soul Realignment practitioner, I love to work with energy and the soul. My specialty is helping you clear your karmic blocks and to accelerate your spiritual awakening. 

Private Readings

 If you want to find out exactly who you are at soul-level, and what you past life story is, try the Past Life Soul Reading. If you want to meet your personal spirit guide team, and get channeled messages from them, I’ve got you covered. If you would like insight into a situation, choose the intuitive tarot reading. 
For deeper karmic clearing work, check out the Akashic Records clearing programs where you soul blueprint is restored to it’s pure, original state. 

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