MASTERCLASS: Clear your Karma - Money, Lack and Poverty by Natascha Leimbigler

MASTERCLASS: Clear your Karma - Money, Lack and Poverty

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Get your Karma cleared in this Workshop!

This is a workshop which will clear your money, lack and poverty karma from your soul's matrix. How is that possible? You enter into a deep hypnotic regression, where you uncover your subconscious programming, your bloodline karma and your past life karma. Then we clear that karma through an energy clearing in  your personal Akashic Record. To get you positive results right away, you receive an energy transmission of Abundance.
You also receive a sheet with clearing statements to read out loud for yourself, as homework!

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What's included?

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Karmic Clearing Workshop (Money, Lack & Poverty)
Complete workshop video
Downloads and Homework
Hypnosis session - Regression for lack & poverty.mp3
52 mins
Clearing transmission.mp3
8 mins
clearing statement.pdf
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